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Sun Rising Over Vineyards of Beaujolais, France / Getty

While we are starting small now, our goal is to be a quality wine label, focused on informing new conosieurs about the joys and variety of wine.

Planting Gamay Noir


Oregon is the perfect new Burgandy, and there is more than just Pinot in that region of France.  Gamay Noir makes a wonderful, easy drinking and pairing wine called Beaujolais that is growing in popularity.

We just getting planted

Oglesby Vineyard Starting point, Mar '19

Tighter vine spacing and the best organic and salmon safe practices will turn this field into a wonderful field of Gamay grapes.  Watch us grow as we update this image.

The hill town of Montepulciano… and, below, its famous wine

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Our Wine Label

  In the future, our wine label will import wines from all over the world.  Our focus will be providing excellent examples of every kind of wine, from each country and region, at a lower than normal price-point.  

   Our goal is to reach out to first time wine buyers, and help them explore and discover the fascinating world of wine.  Making wine easier to learn and understand is a sensual journey - not just something your read on Wikipedia - so our approach mirrors that.  We will take people on a journey by actually tasting wines with their friends.  Learning by doing will take on a whole new meaning.

   Keep an eye out for more in the future.

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  For now - some of the best resources are out there on the web - and we aren't going to fight that.  In fact, we will be partnering with many of the best to help our buyers learn and explore the wine universe.

  If you are beginning your journey already - or want to know more about wine, check out Wine Folly - one of our favorite sites

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